Vision and Mission

We are Foundation Agro-Centre for Education

FACE is a nonprofit organization founded in 2006.

The general aim of FACE is the development of agriculture in Macedonia and the region by strengthening the human capacities based on formal and non-formal education. FACE trough its activities strengthens the influence and the contribution of education over sustainable agriculture, environmental protection and rural development, trough contemporary educational methods and curricula in both formal and non-formal frame.

  • Nonformal education (trainings, courses, seminars conferences)
  • Formal education (developing and updating curricula in formal agricultural VET)

Our Mission

FACE as a non-profit organization strengthens the influence of non-formal education and lifelong learning in Macedonia and the region towards sustainable agricultural, rural development and improved employability. FACE accomplishes this by developing and implementing modern programs, curricula and models for work-based learning.

Our Vision

A society in which education is a driver of positive changes for all, especially for those involved in agriculture and rural development.