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The sole purpose of this document is to present the GENERAL POLICIES AND STRATEGY, medium and long term, of the Foundation Agro-centre for Education (FACE).

In this document the development of the FACE will be presented, the rationale, along with current challenges to be surmounting and the ones ahead, concluding with our vision of the FACE’s position in the society.

Vision: FACE is a centre of excellence for development of human resources in the areas of agriculture, food production, environment protection and rural agricultural development in Macedonia and the region.

The conclusion from the general goals, FACE defines multiple tasks:

    1. To insure equal access to knowledge for farmers, adjacent industries, government and local administration, entrepreneurs, advisory services in agriculture, experts from private and non-governmental organisations, students, FACE employees and especially, but not exclusively, to the members of the rural communities;
    2. To connect education and research, with emphasis on the promotion of innovative and applicable mechanisms;
    3. To support of local capacity building, by education and training;
    4. To foster larger number of users;
    5. To implement university programs and programs from other local and foreign educational institutions;
    6. To actively work on adjusting the educational programs to the needs to the market economy rules, labour market needs and public administration;
    7. To mobilise and receive funding, from internal funds or from outside sources, for educational projects and services;
    8. To help in creation of stable environment for development of non-formal and formal education in the field of agriculture;
    9. To create a network of cooperation with local, regional and international organisations, as well as support of all inter-institutional cooperation and coordination.

In order to use the resources effectively FACE tends to have clear strategy on the: target groups; geographical areas and levels of implementation; sectors and subjects; the instruments and methods used; as well as to have a clear strategy for internal development of the structure of the foundation.

This documents formulation is based on the real development needs, priorities and the possibilities at this moment in Macedonia, as well as on the activities of many inter-governmental and non-governmental organisations in Macedonia.

In this turmoil of changes FACE will, on regular basis, evaluate its position and general policies in order to adapt to the new challenges that will be presented before us.


Gordana Popsimonova, PhD.
May 2006, Skopje
President of the Board of Trustees

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